This weekend’s the Women’s March with tens of thousands of women marching in pink pussy hats. When the March started, many women felt that pink felt wrong - too feminine, too Barbie, too light-weight, too Elle Woods. But Pink got Powerful instead! Pink’s now sort of ironic, cool and androgynous. It’s “punk, pretty and powerful”, according to a recent exhibit at the FIT Museum.

Right about now, in the dead of winter, seems like a great time to add pink to my life - the glow provides the illusion of beautiful skin and the luster of good health. The key to wearing pink is to find the shade that’s right for you and maybe limit it to ONE item per outfit (despite what our favorite Harvard Law student says).

Coats: When the weather is so dreary and grey, a pink coat makes all the difference and at this point in the season, you don’t have to spend a lot for a pick-me-up. This Asos faux fur in Borrock Rose is on sale, super cute. And the BP textured coat in Coral Sunkist is adorable and also on sale. If you are really loving pink, splurge on this amazing Moncler quilted velvet down jacket.

Scarves: I have a lot of black/navy coats (so boring, right?), but I can add a Pink Blush gauzey cashmere pink scarf or a snood in Blush or Burgundy Pink. That way, I’ll have something pretty and soft around my face.

Sweaters: A pink sweater can is kind of unexpected in the winter, and it can really pick up a whole outfit. This Free People chunky knit mock sweater looks just like a great sweater my sister Stacy gave me last winter. The J. Crew everyday cashmere crewneck is available in so many pinks - I’m going for the Neon Peony but how about Grapefruit Pink, Heather Pink, and Smoky Wysteria?

Silk Blouse: A woman seated at the next table in a restaurant last week was wearing a beautiful pink silk shirt. With everyone else in downtown black, she was postively radiant. It might have been this silk satin Light Lilac Vince blouse? Or maybe Equipment’s New Signature Shirt in Ciel Mauve that has so much sheen and just the right amount of drape to be a bit slouchy, not too fitted. And, Banana also has this washable silk v-neck in Blush Pink that could look great under any blazer or sweater and give just the right hint of pink.

Skirt: There’s only one - the Vince hammered-satin midi skirt in Blush, with amazing texture, weight and fit. Looks great dressed up, or even with a chunky sweater or hoodie, so cool.

Beauty: Mara got me hooked on the French Melon Olio E Osso tinted balm, it’s known as #2 and seems to flatter everyone - carry it with you at all times for cheeks, highlight and lips. The most enduring and endearing pink product seems to be the Nars Orgasm blush and I think the world’s most popular nail color ever is Essie Mademoiselle. Apply just one coat and your nails will look like they are so healthy, all on their own.

Sneakers: Pink on your feet? Still loving these super-thick soled Balenciaga sneakers (I know, I know!), but seriously, I think these Nike Air Max may pull off the same look at a more reasonable price. Puma does a great hot pink in their suede classic look, and I just figured out I can get hard-to-find Veja at Zappos, including my favorite pink suede Esplars.

Slippers: Pink’s also super cozy for padding around indoors with the RELAX slippers or these furry Ugg shearling slingbacks.

Bags: MZ Wallace has a rose gold quilted bag that’s really nice, and I like the Dagne Dover pink camo pattern - I’m tempted by the Dakota Backpack, the Andra crossbody and the travel wallet.

Why am I all fired up about the color pink? I recently saw an exhibit about the color with my friend Claudia at the FIT Museum where I learned that until around 1930 pink was equally fashionable for both men and women. They said that the color became feminized in the 1950’s - the pink-is-for-girls, blue-is-for-boys era.

For more about pink, don’t miss this music video, Janelle Monae's PYNK, which focuses on the “pink parts” of our bodies (OMG those petal-pink trousers!).


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XoXo Mara and Pam