Can you age out of your purse?

Every morning I wake up and stare at Queen Elizabeth. I have a portrait of her hanging in my bathroom and I love the photo, not because I have an affinity for the Queen, which I do, but because it reminds me of how I don't want to age. The Queen has been wearing the same shoes and the same purse for as far back as I can remember. What looked stylin’ in 1950 doesn't quite rock in 2019. Now, I don't expect the Queen to get a fashion make-over, but that doesn't mean that I don't need to take stock of my current favorites and think about a modern uplift.

When I bought my Birkin, I promised myself I would carry it “FOREVER”. ( It turns out forever is a very long time in purse years.)

My Ferragamos, I declared, would be my last pair of heels, and would also be worn “Forever”.

My flowery Asprey diamond earrings, who needs anything more? My classic Calvin Klein coat with a rabbit fur collar will keep me warm for the rest of my life.

Truth be told, my Birkin ages me, my Asprey flowers make me feel like an old lady, and my Ferragamos are not flattering. And NO for the 10th time, my coat is not vintage. (I am.)

It’s time for an upgrade, update, re-do, reno, clean out, whatever you want to call it. I have simply and unequivocally aged out of my accessories.

The bags: The new icons are here and I want them. I am selling my Birkin this spring and I’ve already purchased the Saint Laurent Lou crossbody. It is destined for stardom, it’s sleek, minimal and carries exactly what I need. I have lusted over the Loewe puzzle bag for a while now and it might just be time to pull the trigger, it has icon written all over it.

It’s time to rethink the tote, the carryall is an old shape and I think the Double Circle tote with a ruched ring from The Row (my favorite designers!) has a modern and fresh edge. Pam and I first laid eyes on the Staud Shirley bag at The Wing back in March. The moment we saw it we knew it was going to be a Thing, but not a trendy gone-in-a-flash thing. The Staud bag is now part of the permanent collection at the MOMA, if that doesn’t scream Icon then I don’t know what does.

The earrings: Let’s put away the flowers and go for the sleek, modern minimal diamond. Monica Vinader's Riva Circle, Jennifer Meyer's Mini Star studs and the single bar of diamonds from Sydney Evan are all uber chic. True classics in the making - icons waiting to happen.

The Shoes: Sneakers are the new heels, sorta. Quite a few designers have upgraded the kick to designer status including Stella McCartney’s platform mule as well as the Nike Vandal, and the sequin Golden Goose.

The Coat: Nothing can change your attitude like a cool coat. Yes, you want a classic, yes you want to be timeless, but no, you don't want to look like Lizzie at Balmoral Castle. The puffer is no longer a “work-out coat”, it has come out of the exercise studio and is now a “going out” coat. The Ganni puffer with its exaggerated funnel neck and curved seams, the Everlane jacket and this Prada waist cinching puffer will all keep you warm and give you street cred. Depending on your price point, all three are game-changing purchases.

The wallet: Nothing communicates you’re out of touch more than an overstuffed wallet filled with cash, credit cards, and anything else that is no longer required. Head to the men's department and buy yourself the Saint Laurent card case holder. Iconic.

The Fragrance: I have been wearing Acqua di Parma for quite a while now. I adore the scent, but maybe it’s time to change my fragrance game. I recently had the pleasure of spending some quality time with my friend Leslie at Bond No. 9 New York. We were given an “Aroma Tour” and although the perfumes are a little pricey, the bottles alone are worth every penny. And if that doesn't sway you this might - in an industry that has long been dominated by men, Bond No. 9 is the first American parfumerie to be headed by a woman, Laurice Rahmé.

Nail polish: I am constantly checking my hands, do they look old? For me, colored polish may be a thing of the past or for special occasion only. Head over to all-natural JINSoon for the color of the moment, “Doux”, a bashful powder pink that is simple and modern.

The Cardigan: The word cardigan in itself conjures my 85 year old aunt, with tissues tucked into the sleeve. The Cuyana cashmere cardigan on the other hand is anything but. Cozy and sleek, worn with denim, kicks and your new Saint Laurent crossbody, you will feel like a street style star waiting to happen.

I have always admired Sofia Coppola as a true fashion icon, she looks modern, unfussy and classic, we both love navy, and she doesn't seem to get bogged down by her accessories. As we age more beautifully every day and learn to navigate this new terrain, our personal style should remain personal, but that doesn't mean it never changes. So go ahead and take a look in your closet - it might be time to clean out the old and add in the new Icons.

We only live once so let's do it in style!


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XoXo Pam and Mara