Cult Status: My All Time Nine

Cult Status: My All Time Nine

What makes something a “favorite”? Is it that one thing you grab out of your closet and wear over and over? Is it the one top you can’t live without, and therefore rarely take it to the dry cleaners? Is it that that perfect white tee that makes you feel like a French girl every time you slip it on? Or those amazing sling backs with the soles you’ve repaired more times than you can count (and yet you have a similar pair in your closet that you’ve rarely worn).

We all have our faves yet we are constantly on the hunt for more. I know a lot of women who buy multiples of certain things just to have back ups, but I wonder - if you have more than one will it still be special? I’m not in that camp, I am a one trick pony. I know instantly that certain things I buy will rise to cult status in my closet.

Since we’ve have launched The Koolest Women I have been lucky enough to discover some new favorites. You actually may be surprised by this list of my 9 favorite items:

1. For example, without a doubt the Number One item I purchased this year and wish I had found a lot earlier in my life, is my satin pillowcase. I can’t believe I lived without it this long! I wake up far less lined and my hair is less crazy.  (My dog loves it as well!)

2. Every moning after I wake up (less wrinkled because of my satin pillowcase), I can't wait to roll on MILK Makeup’s Cooling Water. It is soothing, depuffing, and wakes my tired old skin up in an instant.

3. This year I bought “the dress”, you know the one everyone asks you about, the one that you can slip on and not even need make-up, the one that looks good with flats and heels. The one you can wear anytime anyplace and feel like you really are the best-dressed girl in the room. The Melody dress from Modern Citizen is perfect and it comes in my current favorite “midi” length. I bought it in Mustard, Pam got hers in Navy.

4. I rarely make special purchases for myself but a couple of months ago I bought a Jennifer Meyer 18-karat gold initial necklace with tiny little diamonds. Simply put, I deserved it and I’m worth it!

5. I had been searching for the perfect crossbody - simple, streamlined, small, but not too tiny. I had all but given up, but then suddenly Saint Laurent came out with the perfect one. I’m not a blingy girl, and with this understated logo, it was made for me. It’s my forever bag.

6. Cuyana is a company that speaks to me loud and clear – their mission statement of “Fewer Better Things” is basically my mantra too. Their travel cases are divine. I use one as a makeup case and the other as a clutch when I’m traveling. 

7. I am a dry brush freak. I believe dry brushing could be the answer to a ton of our problems. It increases circulation, encourages new cell renewal, and helps with lymphatic drainage. 

8. I am horrible when it comes to makeup. Years ago, my mother said to me with a straight face, “Mara, blush is your friend,” i.e., please add some color to your face. Well, I think I found the perfect eyeshadow - RMS Eye Polish. The Myth color gives my eyes a sheer, metallic glow. My mom would be proud.

9.  Even though I'm only 5’2, I love flats and I really don't give a damn. 2018 for me was for sure the year of the Everlane Ballet Flats, they fit like a glove and hustle all day. 

So there you go! These are my best nine, my perfect nine, my all-time nine faves from 2018. I didn’t buy multiples of some of these and I should – I know I’ll regret it when something like the Milk Cooling Stick or the RMS Myth Eye Polish gets discontinued (hello my favorite Becca highlighter of 2016 that I wish I’d bought 10 of…). 


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XoXo Pam and Mara

“So my best friend told me…”

“So my best friend told me…”

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